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June 2017 – Meeting Minutes

Secretary’s Report: Steve called the meeting to order at 7:00. The minutes were approved as emailed.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Steve discussed the income and expenses for the month. A detailed Treasure’s report is available to any member upon request.

Introduction of New Members: Yeah, nope. Not tonight…

Past Events: There were a few of our members out and about this past month with the best show being the Great American Beach Party. We were told that while the crowd may have been lighter than in past years, they still had a good time and according to Mad Dog, a Great American Doze out was had by all.

On a more serious note, I’m sure that you all have heard of Bob Roger’s death. This was a tremendous loss to his family and to all that knew him. We will miss him terribly.

I think I can speak for the Club in saying that our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with Dolly and the kids.

Also, you all may have heard of the untimely passing of Dave Amchir. The best that we can figure at this time is that there will be no changes in either the Tattoo Show or the Toy Run. Steve is in contact with the members that will be spearheading these events and will keep us up to date. Blessings to the Amchir family and in their loss.

Old Business: There was some conversation regarding the seamless integration of our new email service. I don’t think anyone even knew that we had migrated over to a new server, other than Steve, and maybe Lee, and maybe Bradley, and maybe some of the rest of us. Anyway, nice job and the price is very reasonable. Thanks to Bradley for getting us taken care of as he disposes this portion of his businesses.

At this time, I would like to take a break because my phone just rang out a weather report which is ultimately more important than any ole’ meeting we are having.

Smoke ‘em if ya’ got ‘em!

Opps, there goes another phone, just another minute while we wait on someone to answer this one. It may be important. Besides, I don’t know who the heck the number is, but it has to be more important than this meeting…………. Okay, let’s get back to it…. After further investigation, it became obvious that we were in for some pretty heavy weather in the way of severe storms, heavy rains and even a reported tornado touching down in southeast Broward County.

Social Events: Looks like we are behind in the monthly event calendar so don’t be shy! Pick a month now, before they are all gone and let’s get our Club out and on the streets to your favorite restaurant or maybe you favorite hang-out. Doesn’t really matter, we’ve been all over and there are a lot more places to go that we haven’t seen yet. Just pick a month and pick a spot! We’ll be there!! Don’t be shy! I have it on poor authority that “Davida the She-man” may even be considering a showing and maybe a special guest star at Lipps! Oh, say it isn’t so! Talk about clearing out the house!?

Charity: This month we will be making a special $200.00 donation to the Compassionate Friends of Fort Lauderdale, in memory of Bob Rogers. Some of you may know that a number of years ago, Bob and Dolly’s youngest son, Tommy, got killed in a car accident. In order to help with their grief, they were instrumental in starting the Fort Lauderdale Chapter. This worthy organization helps children and families that have lost loved ones in getting them through their time of grief and loss.

As you know, this time of year, we collect donations and school supplies for the kids that are supported through the efforts of the Broward County Women In Distress Center. At any given time, the Center supports approximately 200 women with children, but are still in need of these basic items in order to help the kids start the new school year on equal footing with those more fortunate students. While they can use most items, they don’t need lunch boxes. Remember these kids get free and reduced breakfasts and lunches based on their parent’s income. But, they do need all of the other school supply necessities.

General Discussion: As you know, we combine the July and August meetings due to vacations and getting ready for the Tattoo Show. This year the date of this combined meeting will be July 31st. Also note that this is the last date that you will be able to donate school supplies for Evie’s Kids.

Guess what? If you guessed that it was time to stop again, you win!! We have to wait while Sam answers his phone, more weather alerts are going off. REALLY! PEOPLE! Have you heard of the little button on the side the MUTES your phone? Look, it’s there. Geeze! Oh my fault, have to stop to get Roscoe some water.

See? How do you like it!?

Moving right along now that phones have stopped ringing and the alarms have stopped alarming and the dog has water.

Our own Club clown, world traveler, and newspaper writer Tony Grasso, has given out his last paper. As you can imagine, this is a daunting task, and while for Tony it was a labor of love, it has become a huge task with little or no time left for himself or his family. If anyone would like to continue, Tony said that he would love to help out when he can.

Finally, it has come down to this: there was a motion made and seconded, and the meeting was called at 7:36.

Those of us that were at the new meeting location would like to take this time to say THANK-YOU (in case you didn’t know, this is a BIG thank-you, get it?) to Lisa and Mike for setting us up at this restaurant! The owners and the staff really went out of their way to make us feel like we were at the home of a friend. The food was excellent, and their servings are enormous. Even if you don’t like Davida (sorry Davida, but it had to be said. People talk.), you need to come out for the food! And what’s up with those garlic rolls? Well, maybe you’ll come on the 31st of JULY, for the next meeting and see for yourself!

All that being said and the meeting is over, our own Big Al won the 50/50 and donated it back to the Club. Only the second time in 15 years, way to go!

Now for you Yankees out thar, I know that you are justa hankeren’ for the best part of the minutes, that’s right Spunky it’s time for your Southern language skill word for the month.

This month’s word is:

den-i-grate (den’-i-grat), adv and adj. a reference to the ensuing occurrence of something large and/or wondrous. “First ma stomac hert, and denigrate wind came outta ma butt, and now I feel a whole-lot-betta.”

And with that, have a great month; and see you all on JULY the 31st for the next Club meeting! Until then, keep your rubbers on the tar and your shiny side up!