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December 2017 – Meeting Minutes

Secretary’s Report: Steve called the meeting to order at 7:00. A motion was made to approve the minutes from last month as sent and seconded. And there you have it…

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Steve discussed the income and expenses for the month. A detailed Treasure’s report is available to any member upon request.

Introduction of New Members: Whiel ladies and gents, we did finally have a visitor Having a hard time believing it? You betcha! But, if you had been to your club’s meeting you too would have met him. He is Alex Goldman and he owns his own automotive shop. That’s right childens. Alex is an extremely good mechanic from what we hear. Now, don’t be bringing him those German cars ‘cause you will be SOL. He won’t work on them there German rigs. Just his preference, period.

Past Events: There was the Hollywood Show, the Hialeah Show, the Finally Friday Cruise In, and the Festival Flea Market Show. Your Clubbies were out to these shows last month burning some rubber and making some noise letting ‘dem others out there know that the Cruises are here and alive. If anyone is interested, the Finally Friday Cruise-In is on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. The location is super-secret at the corner of Andrews Ave and Prospect Road, where Marge’s Garden Restaurant be. Darn! I just let the secret out didn’t I? Oh well, now that you know where it is, come on out with your other club members and enjoy a few hours shooting the breeze, enjoying the multitude of foods close by.

Old Business: Someone said, Just us! But I didn’t see who said it and I can’t imagine why they would talk about Tony that way!? Watch out what you say, he’s got ‘dem Italian connections, with the Widows.

As a reminder, Club dues are due (haha, he said dues are due), still $25.00. In addition, your $35.00 deposit per Club member is due as well for the Banquet. As you know, if you want, your deposit check will be returned the night of the event. Of course we do! And that is in response to your next question, “Say, can we invite guests?” Well, that’s an affirmative, but they will be charged 45.00 per person (which is still less than our per person catering charge.

Keep in mind, your dues are due (haha, dues are due, again) by Feb 1st and your banquet deposits are due by January 14, and you must have paid your club dues in order to come to the banquet.

New Business: Nope, see Old Business.

Social Events: On the 19th at 6:00, we will once again be having our yearly night at Bella Roma’s then the ride through the Festival of Lights for those that wish to take in the sights. But, HERE IS THE CATCH! If you don’t respond with the actual amount, including yourself, of those coming, or that you are inviting, sorry. You will not be able to eat with the club or enjoy the fellowship of your Clubbies. All of the RSVP’ers will be checked at the door. Please make sure that you RSVP to the latest email or you’re out of luck.

With 2018 fast approaching, we will need your input on monthly Social Event to plan for the coming year. There is already talk of one of the infamous TK and Robin Road Ralleys, another paella party, a hockey game and perhaps another trip to Davie and the Rodeo and of course with dinner to follow. There’s even talk about a weekend trip to the other side, for $179.00 including a steak or Japanese dinner. Hmm, sounds interesting for a wild weekend with your other half?

Anything that you like to do may make a great social event for your Clubbies, so pick a month and make it happen.

Charity: This month it’s the Toys in the Sun Toy Run, benefiting Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital for our December charity. And while I have your attention, WE NEED YOUR HELP IN ALL AREAS! Parking cars, collecting toys, judging the cars, registration, ALL AREAS, we need your help. Please plan on coming out and ready for work at 6:30. The hard part is over by 10:00 so please come and help your Club!

General Discussion: Yes, there was a motion to adjourn sometime about the area of the New Business, but no one seconded it until Davida did at this time. Motion to adjourn was seconded at 7:44 and that’s all folks.

Big Ed won the 50/50 and like a true gentleman donated all but his lucky dollar back to the club. Way to show ‘em Big Ed!

Until our next meeting at January the 8th, that would be 2018, yep 2018. Keep your rubbers on the road and the roof up.

And for you Northern members, here is your Southern Word of the month.

flow: the bottom of a room or enclosure.

And because it’s the Holiday Season, here is your twofer!

foe in the flow: type of transmission. “My old truck had a otter magic, but this year’s got a foe in the flow.”

So there you have it. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah, but most important, have a great New Year! All the BEST for us all in 2018!