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February 2019 – Meeting Minutes

Secretary’s Report: Steve called the meeting to order “promptly” at 7:00 (well 6:59). The minutes that were sent via email were approved as sent. Motion made to accept, seconded and there you are.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Steve discussed the income and expenses for the month. A detailed Treasure’s report is available to any member upon request.

Introduction of New Members: Well once again, sorry but we did FINALLY have some guests that by the end of the evening joined the CLUB! Even after sitting through a meeting, wow! The next time, or if you come to the banquet, take a moment to introduce yourself to Roy and Helen Collins! ( that’s right Spanky, they are from across the “pond” so listen up because there’s an accent)! Welcome Roy and Helen, we are glad to welcome you to the Cruisers of South Florida.

Past Events: First cancellations: Cool Wheels, rescheduled. Keep looking in your inbox for the new date in April. Next: Penn Dutch show was also cancelled due to the weather that weekend.

The Friday Night Cruise-In is now every Friday night at the Davie Plaza. Our spots are just south of Ruby Tuesdays, so come on out, bring your ride, bring your chair or bring someone else’s chair and sit a while. Afterwards, join us for a quick bite to eat.

The Hollywood Show was so full they had to turn cars away, and full of vendors as well. There’s always something for everyone, except of course the jewelry vendor that kept calling out “Mitzi”, but alas, she was in Tennessee looking at a creek. (Yep, I said it, a creek and don’t ask me, ask her!)

While some of your Clubbies went to the Seal Museum in Ft Pierce, others went to the Toy Run Appreciation day where we were applauded for our efforts in raising over 500K for Joe DiMaggio’s Kids. Wow!

There is talk of going back to the Seal Museum in the fall for a mustard party. Yea, made no sense to me either but ask Sam, he knows all about it.

In addition, I know that there was some rumors of the Tattoo Show not happening this year, rest assured. The date is set and the tattoos will be happening! Stay tuned for more info.

*If anyone is interested, there are 2 hats left of the new batch, 1 red and 1 beige. Call Steve to reserve yours before they are gone.*

Old Business: The banquet. Be there or walk the plank. Simple.

New Business: Upcoming shows and cruise-ins.

Orange Blossom Car Show/Festival. We will not be going as a club but you are still able to go individually or meet up if there’s group going.

2/16 – Russ G, Show at the Sunrise Athletic Center;

2/23 – Dania Beach Lions Club Cruise-In at Cross Park 6-10PM;

3/2 – Family Fun Day at Tradewinds Park to benefit the stable workers/volunteers. Minimal charge, food trucks, entertainment, you know the drill;

3/3 – Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet Show, you know to be here if Big Al is going. Always a good time and always good food (free for a donation), door prizes, raffles, etc…;

3/16 - Deerfield Century Village Car Show, Russ G event;

3/17 – St Patrick Day Show, Pioneer Park in Deerfield;

4/6 – Dickie’s BBQ Pit, evening show, 5:30-8:30PM, 10% off food for those in the cruise-in. A chance to inspect the new Dania Point complex off Sterling Rd (where the roller coaster used to be (among other things in the past)).;

4/7 – Miami Lakes Cars for a Cure, 10-5 in Miami Lakes;

4/14 – Spring Festival Flea Market Show, you all know this one,

still up in the air. RM Auction coming soon, stay tuned to your email for any news.

Social Events: Banquet, yep, or should I say, “Aye Matey”!

As a reminder, we are looking for club social events throughout most of the year. Speak up! If you like doing it, or eating there, the club probably would too!

Charity: For February, and Heart Month, we will donate to the Ft Lauderdale Chapter of the American Heart Association in honor of all the Club sweethearts. Ya know they will put it to good use.

General Discussion: Okay here we go… Nope.

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:49, seconded and we out!

Dave won the 50/50, took back his dollar and donated the rest back to the club. Way to go Davida!

and now for the long awaited, unless you skipped to the back, Southern language skill of the month:

no-see-ums: do not exist in the South. Here they grow big and you do-see-um!

And yes, a toofer!

for you avid hunters in the club – far: shoot. “Don’t far your raffle till you get rat up on that old buck.”

Until next month, that would be March 4th, keep the tires a spinnin’ and those beavers a grinnin!

(Welcome back Mad Dog and Marti, we missed you guys.)