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October 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Secretary’s Report: Steve called the meeting to order “promptly” at 7:00. The minutes that were sent via email were approved as sent. Motion made to accept, seconded and there you are.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Steve discussed the income and expenses for the month. A detailed Treasure’s report is available to any member upon request.

Introduction of New Members: Yea, but no. However, it was nice to see Jan McLane. Glad you made it!

Past Events: Not much is happening in South Florida this time of year. But we were out at the Downtown Hollywood show until we got rained out. And yes Spanky, “rain checks” were handed out! We were also sighted at the Friday cruise-ins, B&B’s (which is now closed for renovation) and at the Finally Friday Cruise-In, in Oakland Park.

There is some talk that the old “Towers” cruise in may return to the Lowes and Ruby Tuesday’s at the Davie Plaza, but that is still in discussion.

There is a Jumping Jack Show coming up on Oct. 13th in Sunny Isles, but we don’t believe that we are heading up there with the picnic the next day. It’s also in a field and if it rains, well ya know the mud is taking over.

Old Business: The picnic at Tradewinds Park is fast approaching. Get all of yourins stuff together so that we can auction you stuff off to add to our stuff to have more stuff and continue our donations throughout the year.

As a reminder, a number of years ago, we decided that we would fork up 5.00 per family, that’s the immediate family, and 5.00 per guest to help offset the cost of the pavilion. As you may recall this is the largest pavilion in the park, bathrooms just around the corner and what a nice view. So, it was a nice gesture from the members to help pay for this lovely place to gather and have a good time.

We will further discuss the possibility of adding a car show to our club. The last weekend in February at the Davie Orange Blossom Festival. The show would be held at the Old Davie School House Museum and the proceeds would be split with them. We have been asked by the Town of Davie to set up this show, they are willing to pay for all of the necessities, so it may be a win-win for us. However, we will vote on this during the picnic and just to keep friendly with Jumping Jack, we will contact him and make sure he is okay with this. As some of you know, he is the sponsor for the Arena show and we just want to make sure we don’t step on anyone’s toes.

New Business: See Introduction of New Members.

Social Events: YES, THE PICNIC! In case you haven’t heard that is the 14th of October, contact Lisa Grail at lheffner23@aol.com or 954-771-6187 and let her know if you would like to donate a “dish”, etc, so that she can coordinate and make sure that we have chips AND dip or potato salad AND coleslaw. I hope ya get da picture!

We still need a volunteer to step up for an early November social event, maybe just a dinner etc.. We are up for most anything that you can think of. Diane San Anton will be coordinating a trip up to Ft. Pierce to the Navy Seal Museum on Sunday January 13th, 2019.

Charity: This month, the Broward Outreach Center will be our charity. Thanks Tony Grasso for bringing this one up. It’s said that a 100.00 donation can feed up to 200 homeless and underprivileged families.

General Discussion: See New Business.

A motion was made to adjourn about 7:40, seconded and past. We hope that more will turn out for the next meeting on November the 5th.

Keep those tires spinnin’ and those beavers grinnin’!

Have a good month, see you on the 14th at the picnic!!