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January 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Secretary’s Report: Steve called the meeting to order at 7:00. (Just like he’s supposed to!) There was a motion to approve Decembers’ minutes as emailed (thanks to Marti, MadDog gets them also), seconded and approved. (Hey MadDog, how they hanging up there? What’s it mean when you keep talking about a string and getting lost? Oops, sorry ya’ll, got off the track a minute…)

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Steve discussed the income and expenses for the month. A detailed Treasure’s report is available to any member upon request.

Introduction of New Members: Not tonight ya’ll, but we did have some members back that we haven’t seen in a while. That would be Candy and Tom along with Randy. Where have you been, or maybe we should ask, what have you been up to? Uhmmm? Either way it was good to see them and we hope that now that you found us again, you’ll be back. Now all we need is a Ziegler sighting to make sure they are all okay…

Past Events: Well, if you missed the yearly trip to Bella Roma’s then you really missed it. WOW! Once again the food was fantastic, the company goes without saying and all that I know of had a great time. About 32-33 people showed up for this one and it was certainly worth it. Too bad you missed it, maybe next year…? A BIG THANK-YOU to Betty Perna for setting it up with the management. Makes the Holidays just a little bit better with Bella Roma’s in your belly.

The next up was the Toy Run. We had about 80 cars, collected a lot of toys, and everyone left with a smile on their face. Gee, I wonder what was done to them to have that “smile on their face”? Well, I did hear that BB (and you know who you are) was there… Hey! I’m just saying….

How about the Downtown Hollywood, first of the month cruise in. This year the surprise guest was, no not Ted Vernon, but I heard he was there, but the kid that everyone in my generation grew up with, wait for it, Butch Patrick, or better known as Eddie Munster! That’s right bodies and ghouls, little Eddie Munster was there in all of his glory. Too bad I missed that one, but if you were there, I’m sure you had a great time and represented the club in fine fashion. Close to 100 cars turned out and others had to be turned away, we heard about 5000 emails were sent out by the city to promote the event and what a fine day it was.

The next cruise in was at, and make sure you read this one carefully, Tatts and Tacos in Oakland Park. This was a spur of the moment cruise in to help support one of the children’s hospital in Miami, with an impromptu toy drive. Another great venue and a terrific spot! The food at the Tatts and Tacos was very good, the parking was well lit and very accommodating to us. If you’re not familiar with the area, it was on the northeast corner of Oakland Park and Dixie. Watch your email another one is coming soon.

We have been cruising to the “Finally it’s Friday” Cruise In, on the corner of Prospect and Andrews, (Oakland Park) on the northeast corner also. If you remember where Marge’s Garden Restaurant is, it’s right there! Free parking, plenty of food spots, and music to remind you of high school submarine races. So plan on joining us on the first and third Fridays of the month, and no need to have a show car, just bring what cha’ drivin’!!


New Business: January the 14th is the Toy Run appreciation day, a bunch of fun just hanging out, eating, drinking (yes sodas or livelier stuff if you want it, Sam!), and listening to music. We bring a few cars out for the day and have them on display and good to see a bunch of us there. Steve, David, Jim Barnes, Sam, Victor and Alan all had a great time.

SAD NEWS: Jim McLane is in the hospital ICU. Steve is in contact with Jan and will keep us updated. Speedy recovery Jim, we need to see you back out on the streets!

Carolyn and Carl Durham (Barbara and Tony’s daughter and son-in-law) suffered a total loss when their live-on boat caught fire and burned to the water line! The only blessing is that they were able to get their dog and themselves out in time without being hurt. They have although, lost everything. All of us wish you all the best and hope that all will work out.

January the 21st: It’s the show all of you cool kids have been waiting for, the Cool Wheels Show in Quiet Waters Park. This show benefits the Youth Automation Training Center founded by Jim Moran many years ago. This program helps the kids get their GED’s and helps them with a foundation in various automotive skills areas. Local DJ’s share their time spinning along with live entertainment. If you can get there, get there!

January 27th: The Penn Dutch Car Show, just south of Sample Road on 441, look for it on the west side of St Rd 7.

January 28th: Rick Rose has set up a Beer Bus in Boynton Beach. The cost for the transportation is $5.30 per head and the bus travels from four local breweries and a we have the possibility of visiting an additional two that aren’t on the tour. We need a minimum of 10 people for the bus. You pay for your own beers or drinks while you’re at the brewery, with a dinner location to follow.

Darn, getting writer’s cramp with all of the activities going on this month!

Social Events: February the 3rd is our Annual Banquet. We will have a new entertainer, lots of food, fun and drinks to keep all of you occupied. Make sure you send in your reservation fee and contact Steve. Yee-Haw Hillbilly Night has been declared at the banquet. So wear your back-home, flea bitten hillbilly rags and have a grand ole oprei kind of a night with us. This will be real good for you all Yankees that have been learning and keeping up with your southern word for the month. And I betcha didn’t think ya’ll would ever need it now didint cha?

February the 17, City of Sunrise Classic Car Show. 10 to 4, Nob Hill Soccer Club Park at Sunset Strip in Sunrise, a Russ G Event (Russ Gagliano Jr)

Working on another Paella party at the infamous 4-B’s Nursery in Parkland. Plenty of food, parking and fun. Keep an eye out in your email bucket for more details, possibly the end of February?

A few of us (SAM) are pushing TK and Robin to have another one of their famous TK & Robin Road Rallyes’. If you haven’t been on one of these yet, make sure to bring a sense of humor and a divorce attorney for a witness! You’ll need one! Seriously, you’ll have a lot of fun if you and your spouse remember you’re supposed to have FUN!

And just in case you thought I was done, watch out for that puck! That’s right, stay tuned and keep an eye out for the possible hockey game trip coming up later in the hockey season.

Charity: Steve read a Thank-you letter from Dr. Lori Canning, the Executive Director of Early Learning and Language Acquisition of the Broward School Board (wow what a title) for the holiday gift program. Then another thank-you letter from Ashley Miller, School Psychologist of the same group (much easier) also with the School system, thanking you for your generosity. Way to go Clubies!

Members were invited to make suggestions for this month’s charity. Sam suggested the Nicklaus Hospital Foundation (the old Miami Children’s Hospital), Darcy suggested an equine program for children who are dealing with grief issues. Steve suggested that we make a donation to Carolyn and Carl to help with recuperating some of their loss. The group unanimously agreed to donate $200.00 to Carolyn and Carl, with the other suggestions being considered in the future. The check was given to Tony and Barbara for delivery to Carolyn and Carl.

General Discussion: Nope, nothing tonight (thank goodness!). Maybe next month. Woops, see below, in the wrong order just because I was out sick, C’mon Man!

Sam made a motion to adjourn the meeting at an unknown time to make sure he was home to watch the Bama-Georgia game, seconded and there you have it.

…Gen discussion, Steve reminds all that you are able to bring guests to the banquet, and Lisa would like to add, that you attened the banquet with an open mind and open spirit to enjoy the festivities ( Lisa, I don’t think that’s a Southern word…?) to have a good time.

Ed suggest a Lambo Car Show this weekend if you’re interested.

Also up for discussion: new slogan for the club shirts, “Screw it and do it!” I LIKE IT! But I have to ask, screw what and do what? Is that a Yankee slang on us Southerners? Hmm? Well, all I say is this…. BRING BACK DISCO!

No one told me about the 50/50 so I guess there wasn’t one, NOT…. Someone fill in here… The winner at this meeting was Tk and Robin who generously take back their original dollar and donated the rest to the Club. Many thanks to you both.

And now to get ye reedy for the banquet, yurin Southern language skill word for the month is:

Oral (or-el), conf. and n. an alternative scenario, usually promising an unpleasant situation. “Listen up, boy. You better clean your plate good oral ground you for a week”.

And it’s a to-fur just fo you!

Gala (gal-a), n. and v. a woman inclined to take action. “Her sister might be a dud, but that gala show you a good time!” (and I can imagine just what you all were thinking for this one….)

Until next month, that would be February 5th, keep your rubbers tight and the shine on top. (and no, not like on my head, maybe DHD’s though.. Hmmmm)