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July/August 2017 – Meeting Minutes

Secretary’s Report: Steve called the meeting to order at 7:00, so here we go!

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Steve discussed the income and expenses for the month. A detailed Treasure’s report is available to any member upon request.

Introduction of New Members: Yea, nope, not tonight.

Past Events: There were some of us Cruisers out and about handing out flyers for the Tattoo Show. At the Hollywood Classic Show on the 4th of July, they had a record attendance! Just goes to show you that even a street show can pull off a, what was I talking about? Never mind.

We had some of the Club make a showing at the Father’s Day, Mizner Park Show. About 150 cars in this show; our guys took some trophies home with them. Great showing guys! (See how I used the word “showing” in there?)

Woops, have to stop now to mute my phone……. almost…….. almost……. Okay ready to go….

Old Business: It’s the Frost Museum coming up for the August Club social event. By the time you get this it will be old business and there will be no more time to get your reservation in. I know, sorry it’s late but ya have to be in the mood! Sounds like a little Glenn Miller(?) may be in order? The Museum is the 20th which is Sunday.

August the 13th was the Tattoo Show, and we had a great turn out considering it was about 115 degrees in the shade! All that I spoke with had a great time and tried to stay cooled off in the hotel looking at all the sights and the new tattoos.

Social Events: Well, I already made mention of the Frost Museum that is the 20th, which is this Sunday. The 21st is the eclipse but the real news is on October the 8th we will have our Club picnic. Now, I shouldn’t have to tell you that you don’t want to miss this. We have a bunch of fun, food, financial exchanges for all of the stuff that Steve will be auctioning off. Just how many deviled eggs can Alan and Mad Dog eat anyway? Show up and that question that has been bugging all of you for so long, who’s cooking this year? May finally be answered!

Start getting your donations ready for this worthwhile picnic/auction day of fun and food. Give us a call and we will come and get your donations or better yet, bring them the day of the picnic. Now, of course if you can’t make it then call Dave, he’ll come and get them in this big trailer. Yea that’s right Spanky, we know you have a trailer full of stuff to donate, so get to it!

One more note on the social event portion of the meeting. We need your help in getting some social events planned. Come-on, got a favorite restaurant, or park that you like to go to? Then let’s make it a club function and show everyone just how much fun we can have while we embarrass the poop out of you! But don’t worry, Dave won’t do anything to get you barred, that’s up to Mad Dog… Did I say that out-loud?

Charity: This month we are going to donate the monthly money to those women (Evie) in the club (and Steve) that go out each year (and a host of others) and shop ‘till they drop in getting school supplies for the Broward Women in Distress center. No, sorry Tony. The widows of the Mafia got voted down again. Maybe next month…?

General Discussion: Steve just got lost (Evie tells me he is getting that CRS Disease) so I had to make sure he was on the GD tract.

Keep an ear out for any DJ that we may be able to use for the banquet this year.

We would like them to play 50’s through the 70’s music. So if you hear of anyone, let Steve know so that we can investigate and try to get them on contract!

That being all, a motion was made, seconded! Hold on I didn’t get to finish…. ! …to adjourn, seconded (as you already know), and the meeting was called at 7:35.

(Now we can finish our dinners except those that had to wait for some unknown reason..)

Johnny C. aka.. Mad Dog won the 50/50 donated it back to the Club, except of course the winning dollar, thanks Johnny! You da’ man!

And now for the rest of you, it’s the Southern word of the month!

This month’s word is:

Eu~phra~tes (yu-frat-ez), n. and adj. to be in fear of bodily harm from a male. “What’s the matter Timmy? Euphrates gonna hit ya?” Now that’s a real knee slapper aint it?

Alright then… Until the next meeting which is SEPTEMBER the 11th. Remember those of you that have CRS, we have a holiday the first Monday of September this year so we will bounce till the following week.

Keep your rubbers down and the shiny side up, we’ll see ya’ll then!