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March 2020 - Meeting Minutes

Secretary’s Report: Steve called the meeting to order at 7:00 (that’s right, late but better than never..). Motion was made to approved and seconded as sent, so there you are.

Treasurer's Report: The Report is open for any current member to see, just ask Steve.

Introduction of New Members and Guests: Well yes there was, but only on a spiritual plane if you can dig-it. Oops, sorry.. still in banquet mode after such a groovy happening.

Past Events: In February, you could have caught up with your Clubbies first at the Lou Bachrodt Show, now being held at Monarch High School. There were close to 300 cars at an unofficial count of 275. There was a lot going on with all of the gifts, auctions, etc... that was going on. Our own TK won a trophy for the greatest looking van you have ever seen. CongratsTK!

Next up was the show on the 15th at the Sunrise Sports Complex where a couple of hundred cars showed up for this one. However, it was a very poor day with the rain and wind, those that stuck it out, hopefully had a good time regardless.

Old Business: First up; and I’m sure it’s on everyone’s mind, the BANQUET! That’s right Spanky, we are... Okay we have to stop now so DHD can’t answer his phone... okay, now we can continue. As a reminder, we have invited a lot of guests that throughout the year consistently help the Club in various activities during the year and at our car shows. So, if you see a newbie, then make sure you step-up and speak to them. Thank them for their help, but mostly welcome them to the banquet.

There’s a rumor going around that Lisa is trying to get us another upgrade to “top-shelf” liquor instead of just the ol’ well brands. Keep your hopes up that she can make that happen.

We have not heard anything from the manager at Tavolino’s regarding their interest in supporting a car show, so we’ll just consider that a dead issue.

New Business: See Old Business and if you get bored reading that, see Social Events as a breakthrough in reading ahead.

Social Events: By the time you read this, the Banquet has happened and you’re going to have to wait until the next meeting to find out just how excellent it was. (Except the bean count!)

Keep an eye out for the next social even maybe happening around April the 19th a trip to the Morikami Museum with (of course) lunch or linner following.

Next up, look out for a cruise up to the Seminole Inn for a relaxing brunch/lunch then a quick trip back. This one is going to be on or about May the 17th.


Keep in mind the Great American Beach Party is coming up, May 23 so let Steve know ASAP if you plan on attending. Steve will make sure to keep all of the club members parked together. They plan on increasing the parking up to 80 spots. As you may know, they go fast so make sure Steve gets you in the count for the Cruisers!

We are still looking for some more ideas and social events for the coming months. Ask Steve for the available months.

Finally, July 26th is the South Florida Tattoo Expo show at the Frank Dodd City/Civic Center in Pemboke Pines, keep checking your email for more information on this show.

Now, let’s all stop to enjoy a “cute cat video” shown by Mitzi and Robin, instead of conducting club business...... Nope not yet..... Not yet now, either.....

Okay, here we go (maybe) to finish up the minutes.....

Charity: For March, we’ve decided on the Shepard’s Center for Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries which was suggested by one of the members in attendance. I’m not too familiar with this group, but I’m sure they are worthy.

General Discussion: Yes, the main discussions seemed to gravitate to NetFlix and a show called Wish Man, that shows the beginnings of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

THE motion was made at 7:33, seconded and passed. Alan won the 50/50 and kept the lucky dollar for the night and donated the rest of the winnings to the Club.

now for your Southern language skills for this month;

.. nairn: plural of none. “We seen bunches of deer, but we didn’t shoot nairn.”

And a two-fer for the Corvid-19 Cruisers stuck at home enjoying their stay-cation;

.. bay net: long, sharp knife. “Somebody ought to tell Bubba he’s supposed to take that bay net off his raffle afore he eats his peas with it.”

Until the next meeting: keep your rubbers between the lines and the right side up!

WE OUT.....