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December 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Secretary’s Report:
Steve called the meeting to order “promptly” at 7:00. The minutes that were sent via email were approved as sent. Motion made to accept, seconded and there you are.

Treasurer’s Report:
The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Steve discussed the income and expenses for the month. A detailed Treasure’s report is available to any member upon request.

Introduction of New Members: No new members – thanks to those who attended.

Past Events:
Members were also at the Festival Flea Market yesterday December 2nd where they were able to pass out over 500 fliers for the Toy Run show. Thanks members for walking the aisles! Observations from Festival Flea Market indicated that they did not have reserved spaces for us but all worked out just fine. There were approximately 500 cars, great visitors, and great weather. Fun all around.

Update on Davie Plaza will officially begin on December 14th, the second and fourth Friday of every month and Oakland Park will continue with the first and third Friday of the month. Bring what you drive and hang out!

Old Business:
On November 17th members attended the SoFlo Chili-Fest and Car Show in SouthWest Ranches. The park was really nice, lots of cars, and lots of chili for sale!

If anyone can spare a couple of hours to assist with the Fun in Sun Toy Run, please join us around 6:30-6:45. If you cannot come that early, please join us any time you can. If you can’t come to work, please come at 9:15. Steve and Dave Jordling will be at the front gate. Make certain you pull over before the fence gate so they can give you the necessary “passes” to continue into the event. If you get there earlier that our set up, just tell them you are with the cruisers to work the car show. If there is an issue, ask for Moulder and let him know that you are with Steve and the Cruisers. We have a decent number of pre-registrations (at least 25!) Weather is supposed to be nice. Headliner this year is Brett Michaels formerly with Poison. Guests will get the best parking space for the registration fee of $25! Park and play!

New Business:
Yea, but no. Same as last month.

Social Events:
December the 18th will be our traditional Club Bella Roma’s Holiday diner at 6:00 p.m. SHARP! Now here’s the important part, if you do not rsvp with the amount of people you are bringing, you will not be able to sit with your clubbies and may not have a space available for you to eat in the restaurant!

Did you see the great invitation for this coming 2019 anniversary banquet? Thanks Jan for an amazing invitation! Deadline for this is the 20th of January; $35 per person reservation (returned to you the eveng of the event when you arrive). Guests are welcome for $45 per person. Blackbeard’s Ball! Steve predicts 40% will be pirates – some may be wenches! We look forward to seeing our members on Saturday, February 9th. Lisa is soliciting music list requests.

Planning ahead!
January the 13th – Diane San Antone has organized the cruise up to the Navy Seal Museum. Please get in touch with Diane after December 10th so she can make arrangements for a late lunch or early dinner if you afre interested in food in addition to the museum tour.

January 27th –The Youth Automotive Training Center is sponsoring the Cool Wheels Show in Quiet Waters Park. Info to follow. This is always a huge event – stay tuned for more info.

Russ G said he was planning car shows beginning in February – stay posted.

Update – proceeds from Fun in Sun Run for December along with the holiday gifts for Broward’s needy children. The November charity support our most needy South Broward kids.

General Discussion:
The “motion” was made, seconded and there you have it, all done at 7:35 p.m.

Winner of 50-50 or dollar/dollar was Barbara Grasso. Congratulations!! She generously donated all but her dollar back to the Club. Many thanks.

Southern language skill word for this month is:

Mo-ron (mor-on), n, and prep. The addition of a greater quantity to that already present. “I told him that I already put hot sauce on the pizza, but the idiot just kept pourin’ moron.”

Until January 7th “Keep the tires rolling and the old men strolling….ok – not as good as yours!

Miss you Al!