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June 2019 – Meeting Minutes

Secretary’s Report: Steve called the meeting to order “promptly” at 6:53. The minutes that were sent via email were approved as sent. Motion made to accept, seconded and there you are.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Steve discussed the income and expenses for the month. A detailed Treasure’s report is available to any member upon request.

Introduction of New Members: At this time we would like to introduce Mr. Skip and his wife Ms. Skip. (If you need an explanation, you may want to put these minutes down now.. LOL)

Past Events: ALL righty, our fellow Cruisers were out an about this month to several places. These places included the Weston Towne Center Show, where I’m told they were in a great location and keep their cool in the 100F or more temperatures during the show.

Up next, and in no particular order was the Great American Beach Party! That’s right Clubbies, this is one show that this writer wants very much to attend one year and I hope its 2020! This show consists of a looong day on the beach in Ft Lauderdale, watching the sights, sounds and shows from the many different venues on the strip. What a show and what a day they all tell me that they had one heck of a Hades of a time and of course made us look great as a club.

Then of course the Downtown Hollywood Show, where our guys and girls always make a great showing in the show and showing off our club. (Wow, too many shows and showing in this one…)

And a special SHOUT OUT, to Sam for his quick reactions in handing out the fliers a couple of hours early at the Hollywood show. Can you say premature hand out? Honestly, thanks Sam!

Old Business: Due to the summer months being here now, and since we had no summer months approaching, as a reminder, there is NO JULY meeting. As we have always done, we will have a combined July-August meeting on August the 5th. This is your club and it only works if YOU show up! At the meeting we will discuss the upcoming Tattoo Show which you know is one of our best fund raisers for YOUR club and the Kids at Joe DiMaggio’s. Again, it only works if you do and you all know how much we need your help in putting on this show. From volunteers to help direct parking, to judging, to selling 50/50 tickets and a host of other duties needed to put on a great show. This how has come to be known as the Hottest Show in South Florida and we mean to make it a hot one!

New Business: This weekend, June the 16th is the Father’s Day Show at Mizner Park. We have a group of Clubbies going so contact Steve if you’re able to go. This one always proves to be a fun show. Oh and Happy Father’s Day to all of you reading this. We hope that you have a great day doing whatever you want and whatever your wife will let you do!! (Did I say that out loud?)

In addition, although already brought up in Old Business, it’s also New Business with a reminder the Tattoo Show is fast approaching and I urge you all to reread the Old Business section. Come on out, help YOUR club and Clubbies to put on the best show of the summer.

Social Events: Nope not this month because we were not able to find a sponsor. My fellow Clubbies, if you have a favorite spot for dinner, to walk thru the lovely parks or trails of South Florida, or even a cruise over to Naples for the day and dinner, let’s make it a Club event! We need some sponsors for the years remaining months so that we can socialize with ourselves (did he say ourselves, haha), and enjoy the members of the greatest club in South Florida!

Charity: This month’s charity goes to the C.A.T. Program, which stands for Canine Assisted Therapy organization. This group is made up of volunteers that with their dogs, goes to various locations in South Florida.

They have been to nursing homes, children’s hospitals, Nova University, Panthers Organization and they have even been photographed at MSD High School working with children and adults through all types of difficulties and stresses. The dogs and handlers are all volunteers trained and evaluated to prepare for these visits. You would know them by their purple C.A.T. branded t-shirts, bandanas and vests. All of these animals are very special and are really excited about their roles with the various groups and in just being there for you. For those of you that don’t know, Dawn Rooks and her Havanese Roscoe, have brought many hours of happiness to a multitude of people around South Florida.

Our July charity is our annual collection of various school supplies and backpacks for the children served by the Women In Distress Center of Broward County. For those that aren’t familiar with the facility, at any given time they are serving as many as 200 women who are being sheltered with their children and we have made it our annual mission to make sure the kids get to go to the first day of school with all the tools that they need to succeed.. While we prefer that you make any in kind donations that you wish to make, we will also accept cash donations and one of our club shoppers will shop for you. Please be considerate and realize our club members who volunteer to shop are as busy as you are. Donations can be brought to any club activity before our next meeting (August 5), or to the August meeting. AUGUST 5TH AT THE MEETING WILL BE THE LAST DAY FOR COLLECTION AS SCHOOL BEGINS SHORTLY THEREAFTER AND WE NEED TO GET EVERYTHING UP TO THE CENTER FOR DISTRIBUTION.

General Discussion: Yes there was, the motion was made at 7:22, seconded and that’s all folks! Betty won the 50/50 and donated back to the club. Thanks Betty!!

Until August the 5th, keep the shiny side up, and the rubbers on the road.

Just for TK, here’s your Southern language skill for the month:

spoor: a condition often associated with a lack of funds. “I’d get me one of them new bass boats if I weren’t spoor.”

narrow: ammunition for a bonarrow.

And for a triple threat:

damyankee: the only kind there is suh.

The only kind there is.