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Sept/Oct 2017 – Meeting Minutes

Secretary’s Report: Steve called the meeting to order at 7:02. Minutes from the last meeting were approved as sent. (That’s via email.)

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Steve discussed the income and expenses for the month. A detailed Treasure’s report is available to any member upon request.

Introduction of New Members: Yeah, nope.

Past Events: Well, we had the Tattoo Show in August. For those of you interested, we had about 120 cars, and as billed, the coolest, hottest show of the summer. Everyone I spoke with had a great time. If you didn’t come out to help your club, well, maybe next year.

On the streets in H-wood, for the first Sunday of the month show, filled again and a bunch of fun for the Cruisers that made the cruise. There were various vendors, food for the foodies, music for the musies, what? In addition, a lot of fun.

Once again, the Hialeah show was postponed until a future date. Keep your eyes open for an email with the new date.

Old Business: The Club picnic is coming and has gone by the time you read this. If you didn’t make it, too bad. The food, and stuff was just fab and too, too bad that you weren’t there.

Social Events: We still need one before the holiday season kicks in. So, if you can think of a great place, or not so great place, but anyplace that you can or did have fun at and you think the rest of us would too, set it up! We be there!

…and now, because Davita’s phone has rung, let’s all pause the meeting for the cell phone check! Yep, that has to be a new part of our meetings. And, that’s because people forget there is a little button on the side that will mute your darn phone! (as I step down off of my soap box… now we can continue…)

Charity: Steve read a couple of thank-you’s from the Compassion Friends, and from one of the recipients of the school supplies that were given to the Women in Distress Center.

For the months of September, keeping in mind all of the people that have lost so much due to Hurricane Irma, there was discussion of giving to a charity that supplies diapers and baby needs to those that are in need. Francis is to check into this and let Steve know then we will all know. Since out meeting was a combined September/October affair, thank you Irma, we also selected our charity for the month of October. Since it is breast cancer awareness month, we will be making a cash donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an organization that dedicates all donated funds to research to defeat breast cancer. Since we have members that are survivors, we felt that this organization was the most appropriate for our October charity selection.

Coming up for December, we start collecting toys and stuff for Evie’s Kids. If you’re not familiar with this fine charity let me break it down for you. Children from 4 years old up to about 10 years old, that are in economically depressed families that can barely afford to pay for their groceries, we give Evie, that’s Steve’s wife for those of you that may be a little touched or like me, have the CRS Disease, toys and items that are useful for these age groups.

Keep in mind that these kids may not get anything else but what your generosity gives to Evie. She has a special room in the School building just for these toys, so, that they are given to only those that Evie knows about. Period.

Thank-you, to all.

General Discussion: …and now for the fun! Something about a different charity and something about not liking pets, then BAM!

A motion was made to adjourn at 7:50, seconded and passed. (Thanks Davita!)

Sam won the 50/50, and donated it back to the club except that special dollar. Thanks Sam, you da’ man.

And now for you’ins, here comes that special moment you’ve been waiting for…. Your Southern language skill word for the month!

en-e-ma (en-a-ma), n. and v, declaring one’s state of being or whereabouts. “Dang it all! My car broke down, enema good ten miles from a gas station.”


whump-sssss: disturbing sound heard only on two occasions, when a tire blows out, or when a snake falls from an overhanging brush into a boat. “Unless this canoe just had a flat tar, me news in deep dookey!”

Until next month, that would be November for all the rest of you, say on the 6th, (isn’t something else happening on that special day?)…

Keep your rubbers on the road and not in the air! We out…..